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  • Is it possible to get your art into professional level even if you're broke and can't go to art school


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  • After 6 months of figure drawing (mostly)... I have probably became worse at figure drawing xd

    Selene Vera

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  • When is the time to get involved with lesson feedback (critiqueing)?


  • Need help remembering what warmups you can do? I made a spreadsheet!


  • What to draw when you still can't draw


  • Question about warm-ups


  • Submission of re-do homework?


  • how to draw for fun?!


  • Mixing Pivots


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Marshall Vandruff's Linear Perspective Videos

Marshall Vandruff's Linear Perspective Videos

Despite their age, Marshall Vandruff's videos on Linear Perspective are some of the best lectures on all the ins and outs of perspective, and as an instructor, he is highly respected across the board. He goes into a lot of the intricacies that I don't touch on in much depth (at least, not if I can help it).

On top of being some of the best, his lectures are also among the most accessible, at the full 8 hour set for $12.00. There's literally no reason not to grab them.

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