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If you're totally unaware of what this is, check our last announcement. To summarize however, the Drawabox instructional staff (Uncomfortable and his TAs) need a break to recharge, so we're trying to run quarterly events to thank students for their support, give them a change of pace, and ultimately provide something other than homework for them to do as we take some much needed time off.

Each day we're releasing a new drawing prompt. Students who participate will earn new achievements, unique avatars, and even double credits for the month of July (more info on this further down). Of course, you're not being forced to participate, but we'd still appreciate it if those of you on the official critique track took a break as well, so we don't get hit by a big mountain of submissions afterwards. Don't worry - any credits expiring during or soon after the event have received an extension.

Just remember - even if you don't want to participate in the promptathon, we do urge you to take a break from your homework yourself, as that is the only way we can reasonably give our TAs a vacation.

You said something about rewards?

There are three main rewards you'll receive as you participate in this event:

  • New Achievements - Either a bronze, silver, or gold badge, along with a corresponding subtitle for your Drawabox profile and a role on Discord (the role on Discord will be removed when we hold our next Promptathon, but the achievements will remain).

  • Unique Avatars - Each prompt has an associated unique avatar, and they can be earned by completing the given prompt within the first 24 hours of its posting. You are allowed to submit whatever you have done, as long as it has clearly involved some effort on your part. You can choose to submit for any of the drawing prompts (not just the one that's been posted), but in that case you'll get a random standard avatar - of which we've added some more as well.

  • Double Credits - If you reach the bronze rank achievement (by submitting for at least 4 out of the 7 days of the event, whether the new prompts or old ones), you'll receive double credits in July. This will not be awarded immediately, but rather some time between July 8th and July 22nd - the specific date will be chosen randomly within that period for each participant, so that we aren't slammed with a bunch of submissions all at once. Rest assured - if you receive the achievement, you'll receive the credits - although keep in mind that since they're double, you will have to be pledged during July, before the 8th. Also, the "double" is based on how many credits you're entitled to each month - bonus credits are not factored in.

Achievement ranks

As mentioned above, the achievements will be split up into bronze, silver, and gold:

  • Bronze is achieved by participating on at least 4 out of the 7 days of the event.

  • Silver is achieved by participating on 6 out of the 7 days of the event - so you can miss one day. These 6 days do not need to be consecutive.

  • Gold is achieved by participating on all 7 days of the event.

Participation means submitting something on that day. Each day's "window" ends at Midnight Pacific Time (or 07:00 UTC) - submitting anything for any of the available prompts during that window counts as participation, although we will be checking through to find any obviously low-effort posts that attempt to game the system, and we do reserve the right to make adjustments as we see fit.

Official critiques

During this period, official critique submissions will still be open - in that the system will not stop you from submitting - but it will block us from giving you feedback. We ask that whether or not you participate in this event, please take a break from the course homework as we take a break from providing feedback.

We're really hoping that we won't come back to a giant mountain of submissions (which can happen if people continue submitting as normal during the event, and if people continue working during the event and submit when it's over). The only way we're able to give ourselves a proper break is by having everyone stop and take a breather.


Check out the FAQ on the original announcement.

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