Uncomfortable's Recommendations

Advertising is one of the ways I keep this website going, but that doesn't mean that I can't do it while adding value to this website. Below you'll find a handful of things that I own, or have used in the past, that I would like to recommend to you. The links themselves are part of the Amazon Affiliate program. If you have any art books, software or tools that you love and think should be listed here, let me know and I'll check them out.

Instructional Books

How to Draw: Drawing and Sketching Objects and Environments from your Imagination
by Scott Robertson

Color and Light by James Gurney

Rapid Viz by Kurt Hanks and Larry Belliston


Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks

Staedtler Pigment Liner Pens 0.5mm

Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen


Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan - Adobe Photoshop for just $9.99/month (1 year upfront)

So, if you're interested in getting into digital illustration, the software most industry professionals use is well within your reach.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Art Books

The Art of Blizzard Entertainment

While I have a massive library of non-instructional art books I've collected over the years, there's only a handful that are actually important to me. This is one of them - so much so that I jammed my copy into my overstuffed backpack when flying back from my parents' house just so I could have it at my apartment. My back's been sore for a week.

The Art of Brom

Here we're getting into the subjective - Gerald Brom is one of my favourite artists (and a pretty fantastic novelist!). That said, if I recommended art books just for the beautiful images contained therein, my list of recommendations would be miles long.