Giving Back

Uncomfortable on Patreon

Over the last several months, a lot of you have asked me if there's any way you could donate, or give some token of appreciation for the work that I do here. Because of this, I've set up a Patreon, where you can do just that. Contributing at any level will give you access to the extra demo videos available in some of the lessons. The videos that explain important concepts, however, will be freely available for everyone on my YouTube channel.

It's been my pleasure to help the lot of you on your journey, and I cannot express the joy I feel whenever someone tells me that I've inspired them to take up the pen. I hope that I'll be able to continue this venture for the forseeable future.

I should also mention, that while Patreon is the ideal method of contribution, some people have contacted me asking if they can donate via Paypal. I completely understand that some people would really like to help out, but a recurring contribution simply isn't feasible. If that's the case, you are welcome to send a donation via PayPal to Those of you who wish to donate through this method will receive an email containing links to all of the videos that Patreon supporters receive.

I'd like to thank the following people who are supporting me on Patreon, and who are helping keep this community going:

If you did contribute but aren't on the list, check your Patreon messages. I check with every one of my supporters first before posting their names, in case there are any privacy concerns.